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Review: Lil Hurmz – ‘Circles’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Lil Hurmz – ‘Circles’

An alternative rapper from the busy streets of Brisbane, Australia, Lil Hurmz has been making chill beats and producing his own work for years, building an impressive sound and refining his style. Combining pop style with a chill, upbeat demeanour, Lil Hurmz work has been building momentum on Soundcloud ever since he made his debut ‘Take Me Away’ a year ago.

Since then, Lil Hurmz has posted a steady series of tracks, expanding his reach and earning an audience with each visceral cut. His latest in this line of single is ‘Circles’, a track that Lil Hurmz first wrote when he was in his teens and has refined and reworked ever since.

Rising from the silence, ‘Circles’ opens with a sequence of glistening tones that swept aside by a sweeping, chillwave sound. With light flickering percussion and smooth, harmonious vocals, it’s a song of slow, steady anthemic that suddenly and triumphant transitions into a vibrant, electronica-infused. Sparking with flourishes with luminescent synth waves and uplifting melodies, the track speaks to the heart with a lightness and ease that is wonderful to hear.

A step above the rougher sounds of his early work, ‘Circles’ has a polished, ethereal sound, seamlessly flowing with layers of light cascading sounds and his steady, melodic vocals. It’s a surprising song, one that cuts through the noise of everyday life, offering a quiet place of refuge where you can let the song wash over you. Emotive, moving, and delicately arranged, there is heart and soul in ‘Circles’ that speaks volumes for his talents, offering a powerful glimpse at one of Brisbane’s growing new talents.

You can stream ‘Circles’ above via Soundcloud, along with a treasure trove of offer hidden gems.

Score: 7/10

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