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Review: Low-Key Affair – ‘A Year Ago’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Low-Key Affair – ‘A Year Ago’

Another band from our own shores, Newcastle’s Low-Key Affair have turned up to put some hard and fast pop-punk back into the Australian music scene. Busily earning a following on the local scene, the musical duo of Lachy and Jack swept across Novacastrian shores, blending their classic ‘Aussie Rock’ sound with their American influences of Yellowcard, Blink-182, Greenday, and Real Friends.

Armed with a throwback style and loyal fanbase, the guys from Low-Key Affair have started their charge into the mainstream spotlight with the release of ‘A Year Ago’, a debut single that undeniably echoes the work of their predecessors.

A rough-cut, punk-infused track that builds enough edge to be entertaining without being isolating, ‘A Year Ago’ is an anthem that lives in two worlds. In Australia, the track arrives as something refreshing, a brave step away from the norm, and a resurgence of the pop-punk scene that sadly has been left as the domain of The Living End and Kisschasy (seemingly even after they disbanded). On the other hand though, Low-Key Affair are challenging the American scene where they draw so much of their sound from, and as such, they run the risk of fading into that crowd.

Thankfully, there is enough Australian authenticity and creative originality to make ‘A Year Ago’ standout, and their own MO of brash guitars, rapid fire percussion, and strong, underlying melodies certainly does the trick to make them memorable, which is just what you want a debut to do. It will be very interesting to hear how they follow it up.

You can stream ‘A Year Ago’ above alongside it’s lyric video, or click here to find the track on Amazon Music, Google Play, Spotify and more.

Score: 7.5/10

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