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Review: Luckydabo$$ - ‘Awakeness’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Luckydabo$$ - ‘Awakeness’

Hailing from Oklahoma City, Luckydabo$$ is a bilingual hip-hop artist with a message of positivity for today's society. An artist of mixed influences and creative freedoms, he’s recently launched himself into the spotlight with the release of ‘The Me$$age’, a new project that grew from the acclaim of his fans. One of the leading singles from the album, ‘Awakeness’ has garnered mixed reviews from critics making it a polarising introduction to the budding artist.

A track with immediate, but murky flow, ‘Awakeness’ is a bizarre mess of hip-hop beats and reggae-overtones. From the opening notes and right throughout the length of the track, Luckydabo$$ has created a dense, layered track of expansive scale and minimal reward. Setting aside the instrumentals that cluster the breadth of the track, the Luckydabo$$’s vocals arrive as a rolling stream of syllables that often seem to compete with the music itself.

It’s hard to feel comfortable with ‘Awakeness’. As it plays, you’re constantly waiting for something to come and make the track memorable; some hook or notable line, but it sadly never comes. The production behind the track is passable, but it’s a small victory in a losing battle. It’s possible that the rest of ‘The Me$$age’ might bring more joy and value, but sadly ‘Awakeness’ doesn’t instil us with the confidence to click play on any more of Luckydabo$$’s work. Perhaps you’ll fare better.

Score: 4/10

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