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Review: Luke ATME – ‘Cash Checks ATM’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Luke ATME – ‘Cash Checks ATM’

Recent winner of a Golden Awards for ‘Song of the Year’ and ‘Artist of the Year’, as well as the AAA4Success Award for ‘Artist of the Year’, Luke ATME has taken to music with an impressive charm and ease. Born in Naples and a gifted singer from an early age, he honed his talents through a string of local events, combining his talents for singing and dancing to great esteem. After moving to London and graduating from the University of West London for music and performance, he’s become on the most endearing and promising new artists, proving his talents time and time again with tracks like ‘Cash Checks ATM’.

A modern pop anthem that pushes the genre to dizzying new heights, ‘Cash Checks ATM’ is a single built on unwavering confidence and an inescapable synth melody. Opening onto a sweeping plain of piano notes and textured moments, the single begins with a sense of charming optimism, laying a strong foundation for the vibrant tapestry of sounds that are to follow.

Backed by a driving bassline and nuanced club-energy, the melody eclipses all else, pushing the colourful synth tones far into your consciousness and taking hold with a true sense of passion. Lyrically, Luke trades English and Spanish in a weave of verse and hard-hitting choruses, showing that the cliched, but in this case fitting, lust for fame and money transcends languages as well as genres.

A song of intriguing and contrasting styles, ‘Cash Checks ATM’ somehow clings to trademark clichés and expected cash register sample while also exploring a few bold new directions, showcasing Luke’s potential and motivations in crystal clear clarity.

You can stream the new single today on Spotify and most major platforms.

Score: 7/10

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