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Review: Maddie Lynn – ‘Speed Zone’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Maddie Lynn – ‘Speed Zone’

A pop singer-songwriter currently sign to Fenix Studios in New York City, Maddie Lynn has become one renowned for her ability to writer anthemic pop tracks that tackle the underlying issues of growing up in modern society. Crafting real, earnest, and emotionally honest songs, Maddie’s tracks are highlighted by her heartfelt delivery and passionate vocals, bringing to life a sound that is far more mature than her young age would suggest.

Inspired by the likes of indie phenomenon Ed Sheeran and power-pop princess Demi Lovato, Maddie builds her artistry on bold, iconic, often glamorous sounds mixed with powerful statements. Her latest release, ‘Speed Zone’ arrives with a comforting aura and poetic nature, blending heart, soul, and vibrant pop into one brilliant track.

From simple beginnings, ‘Speed Zone’ builds into a modern pop classic, brimming with wonderfully familiar tones that are offset by Maddie’s ability to write her own dynamic melody. The most impressive thing about ‘Speed Zone’ is the rolling energy of the track. Maddie’s ability to steer the song in her own direction, perfectly picking where it builds and falls heightens its impact and makes it a song that’ll stay in your heard for days after listening.

Paving her own way in the track, Maddie’s writing clearly shows the signs of her influences, bringing together her own unique vision with the anthem-filling pop sensibilities and indie essence of Ed Sheeran or Charli XCX. A magical mix of independent sound and mainstream appeal, ‘Speed Zone’ puts Maddie on the same tier as her influences while also fiercely maintaining her own passionate appeal.

The further you get into this release and the more times you listen to it, the more impressive ‘Speed Zone’ becomes. More than just a contemporary pop hit, it’s a track that is layered with raw emotion, lyrical purity, and an unshakeable foundation. Despite it’s genre, the track is free of needless flourishes or over-saturated sounds, perfectly letting the real character of the song shine through. All through the polished production, you hear the emotive roots that the song grew from, and you can easily imagine Maddie belting out the song triumphantly on any stage, be it an intimate acoustic set or stadium filled with fans

Complete with a video that brilliantly reflects the passion and energy of the track, ‘Speed Zone’ is a track that you can easily see becoming a global sensation. It’s heartfelt and genuine pop with the ability to form an instant human connection, making it the perfect next step for her career. Most importantly, the single will undoubtedly create a platform from which Maddie can continue to advocate for young musicians, expressing her statement of believing that you are able to do anything in life, if you put your mind to it.

You can find ‘Speed Zone’ now on iTunes, or stream it above alongside the official music video, and be sure to follow Maddie through the links below for all the latest news and releases.

Score: 8.5/10

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