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Review: Malea – ‘Hero’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Malea – ‘Hero’

Born in Fort Hood, Texas, Malea was born to perform. After spending her childhood between the different shores of Korea and Long Island, New York, Malea's upbringing was a diverse blend of cultures and experiences. It’s this upbringing that helped developed Malea’s sense of awareness and empathy, a powerful drive that she has infused into ever one of her tracks.

An artist with an unyielding passion to stand up for causes like animal rights, the environment, and politics, Malea’s tracks all hold true to her core beliefs and a will to do good. After graduating from the Manhattan School of Music and moving to L.A., Malea released her ‘Swept Away’ EP to critical acclaim, pushing songs like ‘Give’ and ‘One Hot Mess’ to the top of the charts.

Now, Malea is back with new single, ‘Hero’, an inspiring quasi-political anthem that serves as a vibrant ode to this world’s everyday heroes. A soaring anthem that centres upon Malea’s versatile and wonderfully distinctive vocals, ‘Hero’ comes together with a brilliant crescendo with each chorus, constantly pushing the track forward with an unstoppable power.

A beautiful song of gratitude for the people in Malea’s life who have helped her reach the heights she currently has, ‘Hero’ is one of those songs that is both deeply personal and wonderfully relatable. It’s poignant, powerful, and full of respect, with the track really reflecting the love that went into making it.

Available now on all major platforms, ‘Hero’ is the kind of song that has taken the power and refined pop-sensibilities of her last EP and branched out with a new emotional maturity. It’s a track that transcends the mainstream with its emotive reach while also staying firmly in the heart and mind of the people, making it a hit that will surely get Malea’s name known.

Score: 8/10

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