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Review: Maria Sweet – ‘Anxious Attachment’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Maria Sweet – ‘Anxious Attachment’

Hailing from Redlands, California, Maria Sweet have been channelling their unique brand of indie-pop for around a decade now. A four-piece built on the creative comradery of Dani Maltzman (vocals and rhythm guitar), Kenny Cotich (lead guitar), Brent Martin (Bass), and Taylor Haenny (drums), Maria Sweet have become renowned for their dreamy, atmospheric sound, combining Dani’s emotive vocals with ethereal indie sounds to create a sound that is distinct and wonderfully refreshingly.

‘Anxious Attachment’ is the bands second album, and it’s instantly memorable. Written entirely by frontwoman Dani Maltzman and engineered by Riley Geare, the album is a ten-track collection that seamlessly blends sonic indie sounds and dreamy pop vibes into emotive and wonderfully accessible magic. With a sound akin to lo-fi darlings like Snail Mail and Japanese Breakfast, Maria Sweet have managed to create a perfect balance between ethereal quality and rock energy, allowing both the music and Dani lyrics to connect in a truly visceral and human way.

Opening song ‘End Song’ sets the tone for the album, offering soft instrumentals and almost-whispered vocals, bringing to a fore the personal nature of the track as well as the fragility behind it. It’s instantly captivating and sets a perfect stage for following number ‘Fade’, a track that really leans on a lo-fi rock sound and carefully cultivated atmospherics. Lead single ‘Cherry Girl’ is a perfect balance between the two sounds, offering up lingering guitar chords and evocative vocals that grow and grow with each subsequent listen, particularly in the chorus.

The rest of ‘Anxious Attachment’ follows this pattern of mixing almost ambient rock shades with sonic, indie vibes, creating some of the most moving and effective music we’ve heard all year. Tracks like ‘Hold On, I’m Held Out’ bring this sound to its limits, bringing in subtle pop energy to each chorus for maximum impact, while ‘Right Hearted’ is an untamed, vaguely grunge-infused epic that simply won’t quit. Closing number ‘Sorry Song’ is fragile, delicate, and a perfect way to end the album, swimming slowly around your consciousness and carrying you away to distant aural plains. It’s self-reflective and wonderfully human, forcing a connection with luscious, transient tones that you really have to congratulate the band on.

A stellar example of lo-fi indie done right, ‘Anxious Attachment’ has taken Maria Sweet from relative obscurity right into the heart of the new indie movement, making them one of our new favourite bands in an instant.

Score: 9/10

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