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Review: Masquerade Singer – ‘Georgia On My Mind’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Masquerade Singer – ‘Georgia On My Mind’

One of Brazil’s top YouTube stars, Masquerade Singer is an engineer who dons a blue balaclava and covers an eclectic mix of pop songs and classics. It’s a premise you simply couldn’t write, and yet for just over four-minutes, we watched as Masquerade Singer sang a modern cover of Ray Charles’ classic ‘Georgia On My Mind’ into a microphone while wearing his signature blue mask.

Originally written by Hoagy Camichael and Stuart Gorrell in 1930, ‘Georgia On My Mind’ has become a soul classic thanks to the legendary Ray Charles and the seemingly immortal Willie Nelson. Since its inception, it’s become a song that has become so well ingrained in the United States’ identity that in 1979, the State of Georgia designated it as their official state song.

Now, the song has fallen into the hands of Masquerade Singer, and while his version doesn’t quite hit the same standard of the musical greats, it’s a strong version that brings with it his own personal touches. Instrumentally, the song hasn’t changed much across over its eight decades, and while more contemporary in style and sound, Masquerade Singer’s version holds to the spirit and soul of the original, flowing with orchestral ease and nostalgic brilliance.

While some cover versions look to remake and rework the original, others present themselves more as an ode to their origins, and that’s just the case with Masquerade Singer’s version. It’s a version where the masked singer’s charm and musical charisma can shine, bringing life to the song in his own way. Admittedly, his vocals lack some of the strength and character that Ray Charles or Willie Nelson brought to their versions, but in their place Masquerade Singer brings his own kind of magic.

Score: 7/10

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