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Review: Matlen Starsley Band – ‘Rollin’ Again’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Matlen Starsley Band – ‘Rollin’ Again’

A new musical project featuring both former and current members of the Bryan Adams Band, The Ray Roper Project, Stonebolt, Touchdown, Straight Shooter, and Fandango, the Matlen Starsley Band is a veritable treasure trove of talent. Built on the combined skills of veteran rockers Dennis 'Dollar' Matechuk, Kevin "Bubba' Star, Don Lennox, Jim Wesley and Darryl Hebert, the band have recently released their debut album, ‘Rollin’ Again’, bringing to life a new blend of country, blues, and heavy Southern style guitar.

Featuring ten original tracks that flow with the same sense of purpose and rebel spirit as Lynyrd Skynyrd or the Allman Brothers, ‘Rollin’ Again’ is a runaway train of classic rock sounds and contemporary blues styling. Presenting a united and unrelenting volley of visceral Southern rock sounds, the album is potentially one of the most relentless we’ve encountered this year, with every track push the boundaries and standing firm with its own force and character.

Opening track ‘Short Ride on a Long Hail’ is an entertaining cacophony of heavy drums, wailing guitar, and evocative, narrative-driven lyrics that explode with each chorus, while following number ‘It Hasn’t Hit Me Yet’ is all about that immediate, rustic guitar swing. Elsewhere on the album highlights abound, with ‘A Life Worth Living’ bringing some deep, country charm and the title track proving just why the Southern blues style is so popular today.

Mixing heavy guitar licks and a defiant sound with heartfelt lyrics and wonderfully authentic lyrics, the Matlen Starsely Band forge their own sound, flickering between timeless charm and modern energy in a seamless showing of skill. With so much talent behind them, it’s no wonder that ‘Rollin’ Again’ arrives as such a carefully cultivated and deeply moving album, offering something for everyone and proving beyond a doubt that the band have earned that ‘super-group’ title.

Score: 8.5/10

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