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Review: Maxime – ‘The Honest Me. Pt. 1’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Maxime – ‘The Honest Me. Pt. 1’

Born in Paris to a family who were in love with musical theatre, Maxime Boublil has been bred for musical greatness. His father wrote the classic adaptations of ‘Les Miserables’ and ‘Miss Saigon’, while his mother was the first to perform the role of Cosette in France, ensuring that their mark on French theatre would remain forever. As a child, Maxime was constantly involved in music, but his restless spirit never quite settled on it, and he knew that he wanted to carve his own path instead of simply following in the footsteps of his parents.

After studying photography at the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco, felt that restless urge once again, and it wasn’t until he walked into a friend’s dorm room and picked up a guitar that he finally felt at home. Switching his major to Music in Visual Media, Maxime started composing from the first day, starting a bold new chapter in his life that has led him to the release of ‘The Honest Me. Pt 1’, a selection of seven original songs picked from over fifty songs that he had written in a creative fervour.

A curated and wonderfully personal release, ‘The Honest Me, Pt. 1’ is a reflective look at Maxime’s journey so far, covering the full range of emotions and expressing them with clarity and a true sense of authenticity. Opening with ‘Is This Love?’ one of his most successful songs to date, the album delivers a stream of powerful vocals the shift and croon across a lavish orchestral arrangement, pulling at the heartstrings and building a unique world of sound. It’s an impressive introduction, setting an introspective tone for the rest of the release that is beautifully followed by ‘W.T.T.W. (Welcome To The World)’, a song that pleads for listeners to forget social media and find renewed beauty in reality.

While he might have rebelled against his parent’s careers in musical theatre, there is an undeniable theatrical hook to the album, with tracks like ‘Damned’ and ‘Apologies’ arriving with a textured, almost cinematic sound that you can instantly relate to stage production and emotive, hard-hitting anthems.

At just over twenty-two minutes in length, ‘The Honest Me. Pt. 1’ isn’t one of the longest debut’s you’ll hear this year, but it is one of the most earnest and impressive. Utilising catchy choruses and careful instrumentation, the album pushes music back to a simpler, more emotionally connected time where all you needed was a tender voice and honest lyrics, and it’s fantastic to hear.

Score: 8/10

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