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Review: Menes Rebazzar Kedar – ‘Quantum Helix: Fractal Galaxy’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Menes Rebazzar Kedar – ‘Quantum Helix: Fractal Galaxy’

A New York-based artist on the cusp of becoming an international trendsetter, Menes Rebazzar Kedar was born into Rasta and quickly initiated into the world of hip-hop. Influenced by the likes of KRS1, The Last Poets, and NWA, Menes recorded his first piece at the young age of ten, before branching out into producing two years later. By eighteen, Menes was recording with 9th Wonder and the Justus League crew, pushing his sound and making his way to the forefront of the underground scene.

Fast forward more than a decade and Menes has artfully refined his sound, distilling his rap, rock, and reggae roots into his own unique style of ‘Intergalactic Wave’. In his latest project, Menes has taken his sound further than ever before, blending the worlds of science and spirituality with music and art to create the impossibly unique ‘Quantum Helix: Fractal Galaxy’.

Conceptually, if not technically, ahead of the game, ‘Quantum Helix: Fractal Galaxy’ carves an uncompromising path through reality, taking hold with the hypnotic rhythms of ‘Zero Sum Game’ and then refusing to let go. Flowing with a dizzying mix of layered inspirations, Menes takes the most intense aspects of pop, rock, hip-hop and electronica to create an intricate and otherworldly musical hybrid.

Careening sporadically between styles, the album shifts from vibrant pop to more gospel-driven sounds in second cut ‘Inception’, before shifting gears once again with the drifting poetic sounds of ‘Fractal Galaxy 001’ and the heavy-handed anthemics of ‘Ya Never Know’. Funk and psychedelia take centre stage on the murky rhythms of ‘Heaven Is Here’, while staggered atmospherics reign supreme on the textured magnetics of ‘Clouds of Smoke’. It’s an off-kilter track that settles the album momentarily, bringing a sense of space that final tracks ‘Quantum Helix’ and ‘Fractal Galaxy 003’ capitalise on, ending the album with a raw and unstable tone.

Conceptually, you have to admire the value and bravery that ‘Quantum Helix: Fractal Galaxy’ has been made with, and while it’s not the most balanced or even cohesive release, there is a notable avant-garde appeal that will shine for years to come.

‘Quantum Helix: Fractal Galaxy’ is available now on all major platforms, and you can stream it in full on Spotify above.

Score: 7/10

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