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Review: Miftah Bravenda – ‘In Mind’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Miftah Bravenda – ‘In Mind’

A musician, producer, and sound engineer from Serang-Banten, Indonesia, Miftah Bravenda is a rising talent who has grounded himself in minimalist, ambient sounds. Bringing life to the most spare of compositions by blending them with a cinematic, almost ethereal quality, Bravenda’s greatest trick so far has been his ability to turn familiar instrumentation into something of an entirely different nature.

Released alongside a mysterious video, Bravenda’s new single, ‘In Mind’ arrives as a delicate narrative delivered through a series of flashbacks. It’s the tale of a relationship coming to a devastating end, the loss of romance and the emptiness that takes its place. Although originally a bonus track available when you bought some of Bravenda’s merchandise, ‘In Mind’ has now been given its own official release, bringing it firmly into the spotlight that it deserves.

Recorded by Miftah Bravenda himself, and with lyrics and vocals by Laura, the single is a glistening piece of emotive pop that captures a wondrous, smoky atmosphere and pierces it with light, flickering sound. With a simple melody that is driven forward by Laura’s vocals, ‘In Mind’ perfectly encapsulates the emotive, relatable tones that Bravenda has searched for, and his composition behind Laura’s words is a near-perfect accompaniment.

Using dark, lingering tones to build a somber atmosphere, ‘In Mind’ really shines through the light, feathered, tones that permeate the song. Giving hope to an otherwise dark space, the flickering digital tones transcend the dark ambiance and help form the cinematic framework through which Laura’s words can shine.

Far more polished than expected, ‘In Mind’ is a song that is strong enough to stand on it’s own merits. More than just a bonus track, it’s a fully formed and wonderfully developed musical vision. You can hear ‘In Mind’ in full above via SoundCloud, or find the track on Spotify and iTunes through the links below.

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Score: 8/10

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