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Review: Monkeystein – ‘Seventh Sea’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Monkeystein – ‘Seventh Sea’

Formed in late 2011 when high school friends Dimitris Karbaliotis and John Gouvalis teamed up with John Boulis to make the music they had always wanted to hear. An instant creative connection, the band soon assembled themselves with Karbaliotis on vocals and guitar, Gouvalis on bass, and Boulis on drums, setting the foundation from which Monkeystein would grow remarkably.

After recording their debut EP and being forced to bring in Chris Karagiannis on drums after Boulis left for personal reasons, Monkeystein had found their sound, and with it a small, but loyal fanbase that was growing with each passing day. United and driven by a love for the alternative rock and metal scenes, it quickly became clear that Monkeystein were something of unique and unmistakable quality.

The band’s first single, recently re-released for a fresh, new audience came in the form of ‘Seventh Sea’, a melodic track that holds firm to the band’s creative spirit. Originally released in 2014, the single gained the attention of the LAB Music Education Conservatory, and the following year they recorded a special live clip for the single as part of the LAB Original Sessions.

In many ways, ‘Seventh Sea’ has become Monkeystein’s defining anthem, and it’s only fitting that it’s the track that sets to bring them back into prominence. Opening onto an atmospheric plain of ruminating guitar chords, ‘Seventh Sea’ is as close to a modern grunge anthem as you can possibly get, crafting a heavy, unsurmountable sound from dark, slow burning riffs and unrelenting percussion.

Lyrically, the song is characteristically dark, building on the alt. rock and heavy metal influences that first bought the band together, and Karbaliotis’ vocals are perfectly placed to convey the power and emotion that the words deserve. The instrumentation backs the lyrics with unwavering and uncompromising success, carrying the weight and darkness through a series of impressive lows, highs, and rallying cries that makes the four-minute run an absolute delight to hear.

A track that would feel at home in the heart of the grunge revolution, ‘Seventh Sea’ is both a nostalgic look back to the golden age of the genre, as well as a call to arms for the future of rock. It’s a strong showcase of what Monkeystein can achieve, and if their recent revitalisation can bring about more songs like this, then the modern rock landscape could start to look like a very different place.

You can stream ‘Seventh Sea’ above via Spotify, and grab your own free mp3 download of the live recording by clicking here.

Score: 8.5/10

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