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Review: Monsieur Shwill – ‘Fuga’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Monsieur Shwill – ‘Fuga’

A wandering conductor with no orchestra, Monsieur Shwill brings with him a deliberate and inventive sound. Blending deft symphonic sounds with vibrant beat-making and luscious, cinematic overtones, his sound is a new breed of trip-hop that has been creating ripples throughout the sonic undergrowth. The first single from his upcoming album, ‘Fuga’ is an introspective musical journey as well as a reflection on self-transformation through emotion corrosion.

Featuring the emotive vocal harmonies and poetic lyrics of Monica Mussungo, the charismatic singer from Angola, ‘Fuga’ is a near-perfect blend of spacious, constantly expanding melodies and deep, visceral sounds that slowly creep into your consciousness. Built on a wonderfully evolving cascade of sounds, ‘Fuga’ opens with a lavish, ruminating sound that flows with a steady, orchestral sound and lingering emotive flourishes.

Monica’s vocals ebb and flow with a tactile strength, creating a unique and inescapable atmosphere that holds your focus, while the downtempo style creates a central melancholic sound that ties every element of the song together perfectly.

An impressive and deeply involved single, ‘Fuga’ is a perfect example of Monsieur Shwill’s unique and evocative sound. Capturing his elegant style and delicate sonic atmosphere, it’s an essential new release that demands to be heard.

Score: 8.5/10

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