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Review: Mostly Empty – ‘Fake Friends’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Mostly Empty – ‘Fake Friends’

A new artist based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Mariano Torrez, has been playing guitar for over a decade, spinning his own textured sound under the moniker of Mostly Empty. A name that came at a time where the artist felt he had not much left to give and was willing to put it all out there to freely express himself, Mostly Empty has helped Mariano to conquer some of his hardest moments in life. Flowing from these deeply personal experiences, Mariano has developed a distinct and personal sound, infusing his music with feelings that he has experienced over multiple stages of his life, ranging from deep anger, doubt, regret, and hopefulness.

While currently working on his upcoming, self-produced EP ‘To My Old Friends’, Mariano has already released two singles, starting with the brilliant ‘Anxiety’, and then launching into the tactile sophomore release, ‘Fake Friends’.

Buzzing with a subtle ring of distortion, ‘Fake Friends’ sweeps in on a wave of electric guitar, charging ahead with a calculated alt. rock refrain and a layered loop of stereo riffs and heavy percussive beats. The melody forms early and then clings to existence, steadily building into the soaring choruses that hit with wave after wave of emotive power. Vocally, Mariano holds firm to a steady, evocative style that weaves between the instrumentals and layers the song with a distinctive character. It’s impressive listening, and the song manages to balance human sentimentality with rolling, rock anthemics, creating a distinctive sound that many artists struggle to really tap into.

With the release of his EP just over the horizon, there’s never been a better time to get acquainted with Mariano’s sound and style, and ‘Fake Friends’ might just be the perfect track to start with.

Score: 8/10

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