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Review: Mudskin Cix – ‘ClistCelebrity’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Mudskin Cix – ‘ClistCelebrity’

A rising music composer from the rainy city of Seattle, Mudskin Cix has been testing his talents in recent years, pushing his sound to bold new grounds while also raising awareness for mental health and youth at risk. An experienced and expansive talent, Mudskin Cix has always carved his own path through life, casting a wide net that has seen him play the role of composer, director, ghost-writer, photographer and Navy Veteran. Led by his inspirations and own creative wanderings, his sound is a collective hybrid of experiences and accomplishments, reflecting the ever-changing state of his life so far.

A proud vision, Mudskin established a sub-culture in hip-hop called “Heavy White Noise”, emulating 90’s lyricism and delivering a wave of monotone trap beats that is entwined with a subtle nostalgic fuzz that brings more atmospheric weight to his work. With over two-thousand songs to his name, Mudskin has built himself a legacy that is set to stand the test of time, and now, with the release of ‘ClistCelebrity’, he’s added another chapter to his unfolding story.

Tying together his own unique sound with that of his influences, his new single covers an expansive range of styles, bringing to light calling guitar chords, sombre synth tones, and a stream of melodic, almost melancholic beats that flow with a delicate ease. Musically, it’s hard to fault Mudskin’s sound, creating an entertaining platform that most modern rappers would be lucky to have.

The flaws, however, start to show in Mudskin’s vocals and lyrics, creeping in with a rough quality and definitive monotone sound. It’s a trademark of his new genre, and you have to respect his devotion to it, but the flow is off-kilter with the music, creating two distinct harmonies that clash and break across the bows of one another in a tussle for control. Lyrically, the song descends from a touching story of lost romance to a bewildering journey of unexpected twists, offering up erratic wordplay such as “I gotta stay focused, so I don’t hate you / I’m the weirdo, I’m the loser / Freddy Kreuger is trying to kill me / me and my friends but mostly just me / hot potato, duck, duck, goose”.

Potentially the most divisive song to be played in our offices, ‘ClistCelebrity’ has a distinct cult-status sound, one that has already established itself in seven countries overseas. It’s like a rougher, more DIY version of the current mumble rap trade, forcing its way into existence through perseverance, rather than melody. Whether it’ll catch on and hit the charts is for time to tell, but for now, we can just take the track for what it is, a brave, but potentially under-developed new sound.

Score: 6/10

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