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Review: Mundih – ‘Little One’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Mundih – ‘Little One’

A talented Icelandic musician who now calls Norway home, Mundih has been involved in music for decades. A self-taught guitarist and passionate singer-songwriter, Mundih started writing when he was young, but it only ever amounted to a handful of songs. It all changed when he began dating a woman who awakened a breath-taking torrent of creativity. More inspired than he had ever been before, Mundih began writing prolifically, creating new songs and music like never before.

One of the most accomplished singles to come from his newfound creative passion, ‘Little One’ came into existence when someone very dear to Mundih opened up to him about how they were treated in childhood. A song built to comfort and soothe, ‘Little One’ is a wonderfully personal song, written from the heart and recorded with the help of Mundih’s sixteen-year-old son who plays the guitar on the track. Backed by Mundih’s friends Helgi on drums and Gisli on synths, it’s a track of intense and visceral character.

Arriving on a lavish and deeply melodic sound, ‘Little One’ takes flight with a cascade of acoustic guitar, reverberating synths, and solid, building drums. It’s a song that creates an instant emotive weight, well-crafted to reflect the importance of the single’s message, while also offering a lighter, more hopeful sound that progresses as the single pushes forward. Undeniable in terms of it’s artistic and personal merit, there is a sense of magic about ‘Little One’ defies classification and speak right to the heart and soul.

A song of dynamic and moving anthemics, ‘Little One’ is a rare and brilliant song that demands your attention, creating a delicate balance of emotional depth and musical brilliance. Mundih’s ‘Little One’ is available now on a variety of music platforms including Apple Music, Google Play, Tidal, Napster, and more.

Score: 8.5/10

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