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Review: Mutlu – ‘Good Trouble’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Mutlu – ‘Good Trouble’

A talented singer-songwriter, Mutlu Onaral began writing music shortly after he first picked up the guitar. Struck by the craft in his early teens, he took his music with him all through college and beyond, playing in bands, acapella groups, and more. A child of Philadelphia’s longstanding RnB scene, Mutlu quickly built his own sound from those vibrant fundamentals, bringing his own touch of class to the timeless sounds of his inspirations.

After finding local success, Mutlu scored a recording deal with Manhattan/EMI Records, setting the spark for what would become a runaway career. His latest release comes in the form of ‘Good Trouble’, a seven-track album that tackles a maelstrom of multi-faceted ideas, including the search for unity in a divided society, justice, equality, depression, and self-doubt.

Built on Mutlu’s classic, retro sound, ‘Good Trouble’ opens with fan-favourite, ‘Lifeline’, an empowering blend of soulful melody and rustic folk vibes. A powerful introduction to both the album and Mutlu’s vocals, ‘Lifeline’ washes over you with ease, pushing every distraction away and completely capturing your focus. From there, Mutlu and ‘Good Trouble’ really take over, offering a gospel-inspired sound that is simply sensational.

As the songs keeping flowing, you’re treated to flourishes of diverse styles, blending his RnB background with more indie rock stylings and even the odd reggae vibe or two. Instrumentally, everything about the album is simply a stage for Mutlu’s vocals, and no matter the sound, whether it be the delicate workings of ‘Scarred’ or the free, soulful spirit of ’95 to 5’, it’s always those pristine vocals that draw you in.

An undeniably well-crafted album, ‘Good Trouble’ is a powerful indication of how good music can be when it’s honest, passionate, and written from the heart. Backed by organic production that lets the raw sounds of the music speak volumes, there is magic in every moment of ‘Good Trouble’, and it’s an absolute joy to hear.

‘Good Trouble’ can be streamed in full on Spotify above, or head over to iTunes to grab your own copy today.

Score: 9/10

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