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Review: N.A.M. – ‘Memories’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: N.A.M. – ‘Memories’

A multi-genre producer based in the heart of Texas, N.A.M., A.K.A. Nova Ace Motives is a blossoming talent with hours of original tracks to his names. Since signing to Bentley Records last year, the young talent has gone on to release an expansive mix of singles, making his mark on everything from EDM to hip-hop.

His latest release on the label, ‘Memories’ is stitched together from a minimalist beginning, rising from solitary synth tones and soft, digitally spiked vocals that ebb and flow throughout. It’s a slowly evolving track with a bare, stripped back melody that pitches and turns, moving from atmospheric wanderings to a staggered, funk-infused medley that builds the tempo and cultivates an intriguing musical identity.

Throughout it all, the soft vocals return intermittently, never quite hanging around long enough to make a notable impact, but also frequent enough that they can’t be ignored. Musically, there are three distinct stages to the track, with each building off the other to produce a rolling, but somewhat formless digital cut. Culminating in a static-drenched finale, there’s a transient quality to the song that makes it both charming and somewhat ineffective, pushing a string of brief melodies across your speakers that struggle to take hold.

A bold and well-produced track, ‘Memories’ captures N.A.M.’s creative streak in fine form, offering three distinct visions of his style, but there is sadly only the faintest of lasting impressions left. The cascading sounds pique your interest over and over, but they fall away before you can really get behind them, and while every evolutionary stage of the track has it’s own charms and successes, the encounter is far too brief to fully enjoy it.

‘Memories’ is available now on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play.

Score: 7/10

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