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Review: Neverlanded – ‘Refuge’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Neverlanded – ‘Refuge’

An alt-rock trio from the creative heart of London, Neverlanded have been carving up the UK’s music scene with their deft blend of nostalgic grunge and heavy, contemporary rock. Built from the talents of Pete Bloom, Alice E.B Atkinson and Frazer Holloway, the trio have quickly become on the most exciting new prospects of the last few years, pushing their sound to new heights with a string of singles and the absolutely unforgettable ‘fluffyunicornsunited’ EP.

Building momentum, the band are now set to release their brand new single, ‘Refuge’ on October 31st, a track that promises to be this year’s landmark release. A perfect example of their sound, ‘Refuge’ hits with a visceral immediacy, intertwining passion, power, and lingering emotive force with perfectly chaotic instrumentals.

Inspired by the grunge sound of the ’90s, ‘Refuge’ is a bristling statement of intent from the band, pushing their doom-laden, heavy atmospherics into the spotlight. Guitars howl and forge an unassailable wave of sound that breaks over driven, despairing vocals, creating a textured melody that shines with every chorus. It’s a perfect blend of raw, but catchy sounds, making it an impressive song that hits hard and then just keeps on hitting.

Recorded at Hermitage Studios with Margo Broom (Arrows of Love, Yassassin & Calva Louise) and had mastered by Pete Maher (Pixies, Jack White & Linkin Park), ‘Refuge’ is the kind of rare single that could make Neverlanded a global phenomenon overnight.

Score: 9/10

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