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Review: Nik Novakovic – ‘Rocky Roads To Love’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Nik Novakovic – ‘Rocky Roads To Love’

A singer-songwriter, composer and sound designer with a penchant for indie-folk sounds, Nik Novakovic has become known for his emotionally charged blues ballads, floating indie-folk songs and soulful vocals. As a young and blossoming artist, Nik took to the heavy grunge sounds of the ‘90s, bringing guitar-driven rock and earthy melodies to his hometown. Composing his first songs as a teenager, Nik took to the stage in various rock bands a singer and guitarist, cutting his teeth and refining his talents in the bustling local scene.

After proving his talents in bands and on stages across the globe, Nik began to refocus his energy and his talents as a singer-songwriter. In 2016 he released his debut solo single, the landmark ‘Bribe The Crows’, and ever since then he has been touring, recording, and furthering his artist reach. Recording all his songs in his indie home studio, Nik has carved a delicate path through the modern indie landscape, leading him to the emotive new single, ‘Rocky Roads To Love’.

Hitting with an instant blues vibe, ‘Rocky Roads To Love’ announces itself in style with a rich, lingering series of guitar chords and Nik’s calling vocals. A moving single that shines with rustic vocals, timeless bass, and deep instrumentation, the single lays down a heavy and unassailable sound that connects with the heart and soul of his audience. A far cry from his grunge roots, the new single has a melancholic charm and raw, emotional sound that draws you in, balancing heartfelt sentiments with heavy musical anthemics.

Emotionally charged and filled with a maturity that comes from Nik’s years of experience, ‘Rocky Roads To Love’ is an impressive single that is impossible to deny. Stream it now alongside its official music video above.

Score: 8/10

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