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Review: Nikia – ‘No Fairytale’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Nikia – ‘No Fairytale’

Born in New York and raised in California, Nikia is a talented RnB singer who has managed to take her twin city upbringing and craft a delicate hybrid sound, taking elements of both scenes and making them her own. Hailing from a musical family, she emerged as something of a pop prodigy, launching her music career at the young of thirteen, and then signing a deal with L.A.’s Swooper Records just two years later.

Releasing her debut single, ‘Wanna Get With You’ the following year, she went on to make waves in the music industry, sparking a wildfire of success that she has maintained to this day. With several albums, EP’s and single now to her name, Nikia has become a constant presence in the United State’s national scene, evolving her sound and keeping one step ahead of the trends for years.

The latest release in her growing musical legacy, ‘No Fairytale’ is a ten-track collection of slow RnB ballads, subtle digital flourishes, and calling pop choruses that shine with emotional clarity. Opening with previous single ‘Truth Syrum’, featuring the guest talents of Wo-Billz, the album fades into focus with a musical backdrop of smooth, seductive RnB beats and luscious expressive vocals. A heartfelt plea towards a love who has strayed, ‘Truth Syrum’ shines a light upon one of the album’s central themes, with elusions to cheating and straying from a true path surfacing in a number of the heartfelt tracks.

Second track ‘You Had Me’ takes lead from sultry tones of ‘Truth Syrum’, offering a smoky, sombre tone that reflects upon a broken relationship. Offering shimmering synth tones and deep, melodic choruses, there is an emotional weight to the track that’s impossible to ignore.

From there, the album only delves deeper into the emotional complexities, exploring the betrayal, lies, hope, and eventual freedom that comes with moving through it all. The fourth cut ‘No Sorrys’ brings a lighter, pop-inspired sound that sees Nikia showing off her vocal range while following number ‘True Love’ sparks as a ballad for the ages. It’s a raw, honest, and relatable journey that leads to ‘Beautiful Me’, an inspiring and life-affirming track that lifts the whole album, completing the journey in spectacular fashion.

Emotionally charged and unflinchingly honest, there is power, passion, and a deep sense of catharsis instilled into every moment of ‘No Fairytale’, capturing the pain, heartbreak, and eventual triumph of being cheated on. The production is flawless and geared towards commercial success, making it perfect for the radio, while the more emotional subject matter makes it a definitive soundtrack to late-night moments of personal self-reflection. An essential new release, ‘No Fairytale’ has once again proved Nikia’s talents, showcasing her ability to write enjoyable and relatable RnB like few others know how.

Nikia’s ‘No Fairytale’ is available now on Spotify and Tidal, as well as on Amazon and Apple Music.

Score: 8/10

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