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Review: No Signal – ‘Seat of Dreams’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: No Signal – ‘Seat of Dreams’

A Colorado-based artist who has been creating his own compelling brand of music since the age of fourteen, Riley Schmelzer is the talented frontman of No Signal, a hardcore project with an undeniable sound. Now sixteen, Riley has recently expanded his sound, stepping into the spotlight and taking the bold step of releasing his project’s debut album, ‘Seat of Dreams’.

An album a year in the making, the record was written, performed, and recorded by Riley himself, bringing together ten original songs of anthemic and undeniable sounds. An album with a dedicated message, the creative process for the album kept the focus on current events and showing the world where it’s headed if we do not start fighting for the planet and all of its inhabitants.

Arriving with a distinct wave of edgy, heavily rhythmic sounds, ‘Seat of Dreams’ announces itself in bristling hardcore style. A calculated maelstrom of explosive hooks and sharp, precise vocals, the album moves between more vulnerable, honest moments and raw, brash aggression, contrasting extended riffs and striking percussion with a rampant, runaway melody. Illustrating their sound in perfect detail, ‘Seat of Dreams’ is a far more layered and complex release than initial listens would have you believe, and the deeper you dig into tracks like ‘The Storm’, ‘The Trap’ and ‘The Awakening’, the more you notice the seamless interplay between skilled, technical instrumentation and explosive, high-volume anthemics.

Balancing massive sounds with meaningful lyrics to create something truly special, No Signal’s debut album is breathtaking in a number of ways, carving a path between stunning moments of authenticity and loud cataclysmic hardcore. Making it clear to their audience and everyone who will listen that the youth of the world are ready to step up and take lead, ‘Seat of Dreams’ is both a powerful debut and a thrilling assault against complacency.

Score: 8.5/10

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