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Review: NRW Records – ‘Akuma II’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: NRW Records – ‘Akuma II’

An expansive network dedicated to promoting the best in ‘retro wave’, NRW Records has become something of a phenomenon, pushing their brand and image to the furthest reaches of popular culture. With their music featured in Netflix films and TV shows, as well as a string of major motion pictures, their work has quite rightly gained praise and recognition from the likes of 80’s new wave artist Thoman Dolby and Panic! At The Disco frontman Brendon Urie.

A brand with a dedicated mission, NRW Records are all about sharing and promoting the Retrowave sound and culture with the world. A new collaborative effort from the label, ALEX, and Tokyo Rose, ‘Akuma II’ is a ten-track release of vibrant creative freedoms, crafting a lavish, ambient sound that rallies around luminescent soundscapes and inescapable EDM beats.

Opening with the subdued, wonderfully entrancing sounds of ‘3 am’, the new release instantly creates a remarkable balance between cultivated digital sounds and unhinged EDM energy. A crafted musical journey that expands with each track, ‘Akuma II’ is a masterclass in ensnaring arrangements and unforgettable dance moments. Second cut ‘Awakening’ is a creative dive into distorted retro sounds and layered, experimental melodies, while other epics like ‘Danger City’ and ‘Beasts’ infuse textured, controlled beats with a building and unshakable energy, eventually exploding through your speakers with some of the most impressive drops and rhythms you’ll hear all year.

Fiercely individual and absolutely unforgettable, ‘Akuma II’ is an entrancing mix of raw power and nuanced melodies, fusing fearless experimental sounds with classic elements of old school EDM. Never slipping or losing it’s grip, it’s an album that takes hold and never lets you go.

Score: 8.5/10

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