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Review: Oh Well – ‘Forging a False Reality’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Oh Well – ‘Forging a False Reality’

A one-piece, progressive EDM project based in the creative heart of Chicago, Illinois, Oh Well recently released his debut project, much to the relief of his fans who had been waiting with a sense of anticipation for some time now. An artist with a penchant for combining hard-hitting drum and bass beats with orchestral swells to create a unique backdrop for thoughtful lyrics that intrigue the soul, Oh Well has been teasing the release of his debut, three-track release for a little while, offering glimpses into his thick synth tones and energetic bass drops throughout his career so far.

On ‘Forging a False Reality’, Oh Well has been able to create the perfect culmination of his diverse sound, layering cascading digital tones while pianos, harps, and xylophones battle it out and tenor vocals poke at and prod at the human condition.

Opening onto ‘Questioning Sanity’, the project begins lavish rhythm section, building a solid musical backing for the vocals that sing with emotive and clarity. The melody shifts and swoons tirelessly, creating a dynamic atmosphere that pulls at your emotions and draws you down a stark and wonderfully pure trail. The title track comes next, hitting with a creative edge the fuses dazzling electronica and light, industrial beats with flourishes of orchestral strings and low, swooning vocals. It’s a bizarre and mystifying mix, one that completely takes over the room with confidence and unyielding dexterity.

A rampaging EDM sound closes the release with ‘Falling For You’ bursting into view with a chaotic and brilliant, beautiful and damning sound, cutting a striking path with a maelstrom entertaining tones that you can’t help but fall into. Offering an endlessly captivating atmosphere that shimmers and shakes with absolute devotion, the closing number is both haunting, inspiring and frightening, treading a fine line through a wave of brightly burning emotions.

A compelling and unexpected listen, ‘Forging a False Reality’ does exactly what it says on the tin, stripping away the noise of everyday life and replacing it with swift cuts of electronic invention. It’s an evolved and mesmerising listening experience, one that demands your time and attention, and while it might not be the most instantly accessible of releases, a little time and a bit of patience will bring some strong returns.

The full three-track release is available now on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, and more.

Score: 8/10

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