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Review: Old Brave Souls – ‘Fields Like Yesterday’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Old Brave Souls – ‘Fields Like Yesterday’

Arguably, music is always at its most authentic and enjoyable when it comes from a place of passion and enjoyment, where the promise of fame or money is stripped away and songs are written not for profit, but purely for the joy of making them. It’s a lesson that brothers Nick and Luke Yoder know well, taking on the creative moniker of Old Brave Souls and writing music simply because they enjoy it. Through the years, the brothers have each had their own musical aspirations, playing in small, local bands across their native state, but Old Brave Souls is the first time they’ve joined their talents in a significant way.

Forming just two years ago, the band’s first album first came to fruition after the brothers built a studio in an old barn that stood in one of their fields. With a creative space, they took to writing and recording, building a sound and momentum, into finally, they had a selection of thirteen original tracks that were proud to present to the world.

Titled ‘Fields Like Yesterday’, the brother’s debut album is a vintage slice of indie rock that rings with a rustic, lo-fi edge. Built on simple arrangements of Nick’s drums and Luke’s guitar, it’s a charming concoction of sincere melodies and classic harmonies. Opening tracks ‘Blue Jean Radical’ and ‘I Want You Bad’ eloquently set the stage with waves of soft acoustic rock, capturing a genuine and heart-warming sound that will naturally bring a smile to your face. Elsewhere on the release, the brother’s showcase their ability to write quality, emotive songs, pushing their sound forward with a deft human touch in tracks like ‘Young Invincible’ and ‘Goin’ Bust’, and then balancing them perfectly with more upbeat and unashamedly fun tracks like ‘Paper Streets’ and ‘The Most’.

An involving listen, ‘Fields Like Yesterday’ isn’t an album that you’ll see shooting up the charts, but it’s not really built for that. It’s an album of simple, honest songs that are there to be heard, enjoyed, and connected with, and while there are some noted drawbacks in production and recording quality, you’d have to have a heart of stone not to be moved by it.

You can stream ‘Fields Like Yesterday’ on Spotify above, or find it on Apple Music and CD Baby today.

Score: 7/10

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