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Review: OnDaMiKe & Friends – ‘The Future’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: OnDaMiKe & Friends – ‘The Future’

One of the EDM scene’s most impressive talents, OnDaMike is back with a brand new collection of tracks that are built to impress. A collaborative release, ‘The Future’ is built to inspire and entertain in equal measure, delivering twelve evolving tracks of vibrant EDM sounds.

Featuring the creative talents of Baymont Bross, The Bass Droppers NightKidz, Getcha, Curtis B, Tone Abstract, and DJ Fixx, ‘The Future’ unfolds as a dizzying array of classic dance sounds that floods your consciousness. Opening with ‘Touch the Sky’, the album kicks with a powerful sense of immediacy, cutting through the daily grind with a maelstrom of high tempo, digital brilliance. It’s an instantly impressive start, and it’s only the beginning.

Second cut ‘Get With It’ fires on all cylinders, offering a classic rave anthem of heavy drops, intense builds and brash, confident sounds. It’s a track that can so easily take your breath away, creating an unyielding and perfectly built EDM sounds that will have you entranced for it’s entire run. With the stage now set, ‘The Future’ unloads its full and expansive sound with the might of ‘Like That’ and ‘Better Than Before’, two driven and unassailable tracks that knock you for six.

The rest of the album hits with a kaleidoscopic sense of brilliance, offering the most complete and accomplished EDM release we’ve heard all year. Flowing with an unrelenting energy and studded with diverse and impossibly good tracks such as ‘Bang Bigger’, ‘Kick Tha Flow’, and ‘Happy Days’, the album is a magnificent tour de force of collaborative powers.

Available now on Spotify and Beatport, there is a delicate balance between unrelenting energy and finely crafted sounds, making ‘The Future’ an absolutely essential new release from OnDaMike and his team.

Score: 8.5/10

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