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Review: One&Done – ‘Beginning Of The End’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: One&Done – ‘Beginning Of The End’

A new breed of alt. rock project, One&Done is a deft solo project produced, arranged, and performed by award-winning songwriter Eric Blossman. An accomplished ASCAP producer, songwriter, and arranger with over two-hundred licensed songs to his name, Eric’s music has been heard on TV stations across the US, including NBC, VH1, Bravo, and The Discovery Channel, to name just a few. After winning the 2016 ASA Songwriter Award Grand Prize for all categories with his acclaimed single, ‘End of Our Rainbow’ and the 2018 Award for Outstanding Achievement in Songwriting from the Great American Songwriting Competition for ‘Bulletproof’, along with a host of other awards, Eric has infinitely proved his talents.

Not content to simply rest on his laurels, Eric has taken his project and pushed his limits once again, releasing the brand new single ‘Beginning Of The End’ via Soundcloud. A deft and evocative slice of alternative rock, ‘Beginning Of The End’ begins with a textured contrast between distinct, rolling bass notes and light, flickering melody, building a sense of tension and excitement that peaks with Eric’s sonic driven vocals. Drawing a fine line between soft, understated sounds and heavy, lo-fi anthemics, Eric has been able to craft a wonderfully visceral sound akin to that of Muse or Yourcodenameis: Milo.

It's an invigorating and wonderfully crafted sound, one that keeps you enchanted with it’s cool, seamless blending of more structured, calculated sounds and a wonderfully organic performance. Purpose-built to both impress and excite, you can head the passion in Eric’s vocals and the heart in each guitar chord, creating an almost cinematic sound that lingers on well after the song has finished.

Having already notched up over twenty-thousand streams on Soundcloud along with a torrent of positive feedback, it’s easy to see why ‘Beginning Of The End’ has become such a landmark release for Eric. Perfectly illustrative of his style and talents, the single is a defiant alt. rock classic that will withstand the test of time, growing with each listen and sparking a new mainstream appeal for Eric and his art.

A stunning and infinitely impressive track, ‘Beginning Of The End’ is a glistening alt. rock anthem that you can stream now on Soundcloud and find out why everyone is talking about the sonic brilliance of One&Done.

Score: 8.5/10

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