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Review: Pale Blue Dot – ‘Anatomy’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Pale Blue Dot – ‘Anatomy’

Storming straight out of Charlottesville, VA, Pale Blue Dot were founded by Tony LaRocco as a way to bring fellow musicians together and explore the possibilities presented by his songwriting. Journeying through the varied realms of pop, alt. rock, progressive rock, folk and jazz, Pale Blue Dot have strived to bring as many sources of inspiration to their work as possible. Constant innovators and unyielding believers that ongoing education and open communication are core tenets, the band have perfectly set the stage for their debut album, ‘Anatomy’.

Recorded at Blackbird Studios in Nashville, Bias in D.C., and Monkeyclause in Nelson County, VA, Pale Blue Dot's debut LP is built to be a rock record that feels alive and well in the contemporary rock scene. Lyrically exploring the possibility of love amidst personal and political strife, anger, and distrust, Pale Blue Dot's nine-track collection of songs matches complicated emotions with honest, well-played, and authentic musical performances.

Produced by Dave Stipe, ‘Anatomy’ was built from a series of live recordings, and it’s easy to hear the raw energy that the band have managed to capture. It’s an energy that helps stitch the album together, bringing the varied musical sounds into a vibrant panoramic view alongside LaRocco’s passionate, rasping vocals. Instrumentally, ‘Anatomy’ is subtle, but solid, with the band all playing their part to build a cohesive and well-balanced release.

Available now on iTunes, and from the band’s official website, ‘Anatomy’ is a debut that introduces Pale Blue Dot on solid ground. It’s not wildly experimental or driven too far from the mainstream, but instead lies comfortably within the familiar, making its mark and giving fans exactly what they’ve come to expect.

Score: 7.5/10

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