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Review: Pammi Zacharia – ‘Una Espada Sin Filo’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Pammi Zacharia – ‘Una Espada Sin Filo’

A neo-folk trio from the busy streets of New York City, Pammi Zacharia have managed to blend their collective backgrounds in jazz and folk to create something wonderfully new. Consisting of Yuka Tadano on upright bass, Greg Glassman on trumpet and Dan B. Soria on nylon string guitar and vocals, Pammi Zacharia first started playing together in 2017, and have since gone on to release two acclaimed albums.

While both Yuka and Greg are professional jazz musicians, it’s Dan that brings his own touch of folk brilliance to the mix, pooling their talents and creative whims to make a sound of depth and spiralling atmospherics. Their second full-length release, ‘Una Espada Sin Filo’ brings together eight new cuts from their hybrid cloth, setting the standard for things to come.

A textured overlay of acoustic guitar and evocative trumpet notes, the album begins with the melancholy sounds of ‘Come the Dusk’, a deeply moving cut that brings instant comparisons with artists like the great Cat Stevens thanks to Dan’s soulful vocals and the rolling evocative melody. Second track ‘Time to Go’ rallies with the same soft sounds, defining the band’s sound with an authentic and calling clarity. Leaning heavily on emotive harmonies and soft, shifting atmospheres, they’ve struck upon a wonderful, timeless sound that lets your mind wander back through time, picking through memories and gazing wistfully into the past.

As the album continues, it’s clear that Pammi Zacharia’ sound is set in the calm, hazy past, offering a relaxing, easy stroll through the album that leaves you feeling enriched by the end. It’s a unique and wonderful hybrid sound that the trio has been able to refine, capturing their heart, soul, and passion in a way that will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

You can find ‘Una Espada Sin Filo’ on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Music now.

Score: 8/10

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