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Review: Patrick Carpenter – ‘Friday Night Hallelujah’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Patrick Carpenter – ‘Friday Night Hallelujah’

A guitar slinger and singer-songwriter from the heart of Jackson, Mississippi, Patrick Carpenter has been playing the guitar since the tender age of eleven, forging his sound and refining his talents with an unwavering passion. Influenced by the likes of as Richie Sambora, Eddie Van Halen and Brad Paisley, Patrick pushed forward with his dream of becoming an entertainer, moving to Nashville and cutting his teeth as the lead guitarist in a maelstrom of new bands.

After playing festivals, writer nights and many shows on Broadway, Patrick decided to finally begin pursuing as a solo act in 2018, and since then he’s never looked back. A contemporary spirit traversing the ever-changing soundscape of rock, Patrick’s sound blurs the lines of traditionary country and 80’s arena rock, bringing the timeless charm of Americana to collide with the energy of mainstream pop.

Following the success of his debut EP, Patrick has now released ‘Friday Night Hallelujah’, his first full-length album. Featuring twelve tracks that celebrate his unique sound, the album is a classic slice of modern country. Opening track ‘Throwback’ rallies with a series of guitar riffs and Patrick’s charming Mississippi vocals, picking up the tempo and delivering an instantly impressive introduction to his talents. Following numbers ‘Coming Back Stronger’ and the soaring title track prove Patrick’s diversity, flowing between more blues inspired riffs, emotive lyrics, a blossoming, acoustic melodies that lean heavily on a modern pop influence.

As the album continues, Patrick treats his listeners to a full medley of styles, sounds, and refreshing songwriting, journeying into melancholic atmospherics on ‘Regret Me’, stripped back, acoustic balladry on ‘Kiss Me When You’re Sober’ and a subtle blend of almost tribal builds and country trails in the hopeful, romantic optimistic ‘I Can’t Wait To Meet Her’.

A deft showcase of Patrick’s full range of talents, ‘Friday Night Hallelujah’ seamlessly combines elements that celebrate both the vintage and modern sides of country rock. His ability to blend genres opens up a wave of new possibilities, offering something for both country and pop fans, bridging the gap between the style with a polished, wonderfully authentic sound. An immense debut album, it’s easy to see why the album reached #3 on the iTunes Singer-Songwriter charts and iTunes Bestsellers list.

A modern classic that offers something for everyone, ‘Friday Night Hallelujah’ is the start of something big for a very talented young artist.

Score: 8.5/10

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