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Review: Peripheral Method – ‘Runner’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Peripheral Method – ‘Runner’

A sound artist and producer from the West Coast, Peripheral Method is an enigmatic project with a penchant for reimagining pop hits. Unafraid to tackle the big hits, Peripheral Method’s latest release comes in the form on ‘Runner’, a deft remix of a familiar EDM anthem.

A reinvention of ‘Don’t Let Me Down’, which was originally a hit by New York’s EDM-pop duo The Chainsmokers and singer-songwriter DAYA, ‘Runner’ takes the barebones of the modern classic and transforms it into a whole new emotive experience. Taking the pop out the track and filling the void with lavish atmospherics, Peripheral Method has managed to take the soul of the original track and amplify it tenfold.

The evocative vocals from DAYA remain in perfect clarity, but the trap-happy choruses are gone, and in their place lies a stripped back sound that takes the dance-club euphoria of the original track and transforms it into something far more captivating. Drenched in recurring waves of static, Peripheral Method’s take on the track is infused with weight and quality, enhancing the percussion and tearing away the glossy synth sheen to show the song in a far more honest light.

In the past, The Chainsmokers have often be criticised for their middle-of-the-road sound, earning quips like “modernized Moby without the soul-searching” or the infamous title of ‘Trump-pop’ (as The Observer said; “shallow, always betraying its influences, with a third-grade vocabulary and ambition that runs no further than emptying the nearest wallet”), but ‘Runner’ is a track that you can genuinely enjoy and connect with, a rare thing in the EDM-pop world.

Peripheral Method have managed to do something truly special with their remix of ‘Don’t Let Me Down’, and we couldn’t be more impressed that they made us want to listen to something with The Chainsmokers’ brand attached.

Score: 9/10

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