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Review: Pete Scott – ‘180 Degrees’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Pete Scott – ‘180 Degrees’

After first arriving on London’s open mic circuit back in 2001, indie singer-songwriter Pete Scott has gone from strength to strength. Extending his reach to performing his own original material in bars and clubs around the globe, his unique sound can be traced back to the grunge scene of the early ’90s combined with flourishes of blues, folk, and mid-90’s brit-pop.

With a focus on love and loss, Pete’s songs walk a fine line between catchy anthemics and emotional honesty, exploring the subjects of mental health, isolation and daily struggles through his own deft musical arrangements. After refining his sound and growing his fanbase, Pete decided that it was finally time to put some of his music to tape. Taking four of his best tracks, Pete set to work recording and releasing ‘180 Degrees’, a debut EP of impressive magnitude.

Opening with a flourish of bristling guitar chords, the EP launches itself into existence with the stunning title track, a flowing rock track with an undercurrent of rustic brit-pop. With soaring choruses and a vibrant sonic inclusion that ebb and flow through the melodic maelstrom of guitar and drums, Pete ties together his heartfelt and passionate vocals with an unassailable contemporary rock sound.

It’s a lavish and impressive style that Pete explores further as the EP continues, bringing more rustic anthemics to light in the heavy, immutable blues-rock sounds of ‘Crying Shame’ and the lingering, country-infused melody of ‘Find You In Paradise’. Offering diverse shades of a central rock sound, the EP showcases Pete’s distinct songwriting talent, showcasing his diverse and self-aware sound in perfect form. Closing on ‘Pour Out the Stars’, Pete reveals a far more delicate, grunge-inspired sound, pushing his emotive and heartfelt lyrics over a stream of rumbling bass tones and complex instrumentals.

Although only a short introduction to Pete’s sound, the new EP is a powerfully illustrative force, offering four distinct cuts that each showcase a different side of his sound. Continuously charming and involving, ‘180 Degrees’ will likely be touted as the EP that kickstarted an incredible career.

Score: 8/10

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