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Review: Peter Sauleda – ‘The Path’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Peter Sauleda – ‘The Path’

A producer, composer, and pianist who is well on his way to becoming one of Vienna’s most intriguing and captivating talents, Peter Sauleda grew up on a diverse education of classical music, jazz, and progressive rock, a unique diet which laid the foundation for all his creative endeavours. A deft pianist, Peter learned to play in his early childhood, and since then he has endeavoured to explore ever sonic sound and electronic style that he possibly could.

With a string of unique and expansive albums already released under his name, Peter has been able to capture the very essence of his most poignant experiences, moods and moments, striking a delicate balanced between digital melodies, organic harmonies, and immutable vibes. His latest release, ‘The Path’ stands as a lavish introduction to his upcoming album, ‘Malé Karpaty’, as well as an impressive showcase of his more nuanced and intricate songwriting abilities.

Arriving in delicate waves of shimmering electronic tones, ‘The Path’ begins with a string of light, textured tones that dance and sway, partly only slightly to allow more evocative sways and rattles into the mix. As it builds, ‘The Path’ builds with it an unassailable soundscape, one that slowly but surely becomes its own enchanting reality.

Perfectly composed to achieve its evocative heights without becoming tiresome or overbearing, ‘The Path’ has been crafted with care to ensure maximum appeal over its two-minute and forty-second run. Certainly, an artist to watch, Peter’s new single proves his creative merits beyond any doubt, while also creating a strong platform from which his upcoming album can surely grow.

Score: 7.5/10

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