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Review: Phreckle$ - ‘End Up Here’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Phreckle$ - ‘End Up Here’

Growing up in California, Phreckle$ (pronounced ‘freckles’) never really felt like she fit in. It was a feeling that forced her to go her own way, even at a very early age, running in whatever direction her heart took her. At the age of nine she picked up a trumpet, and just three years later she was playing Carnegie Hall and learning how to play bass guitar, developing an unstoppable passion for music. Bringing her love of music and her rebellious streak together, Phreckle$ darted in and out of the punk scene, playing in four different bands through her teenage years.

At the age of sixteen she was exposed to the world of rap music, and during her last few years in high school, she was writing new rhymes and hooks daily, entertaining her friends and schoolmates with her prose. At twenty, her life changed forever when she became a mother and escaped a tragically abusive relationship, take her then six-month-old daughter Khali with her. The following years were filled with hardship, living in California and working a minimum wage job to make ends meet, but through it all her daughter gave her drive to keep going.

Having left music behind, she turned to modelling, and after persevering through a series of rejections she was able to get off welfare and build a glistening future for herself and Khali. Now in the prime of her career, she’s been able to return to her first love music, carrying her journey forward into a bold new chapter with the release of ‘End Up Here’, a new single that reflects the hardships she has overcome.

A cascading pop anthem that leans heavily on an RnB style, ‘End Up Here’ is a single soaked in positivity and self-empowerment, driving itself forward with a stream of electronic beats and poetic rhymes. Musically, the single has a staggered, almost layered approach to melody, letting the backing beats roll on in a constant, invigorating motion while Phreckle$ carves her own path with a mesmerising stream of sung, spoken, and rapped vocals. Its an impressive mix, one that rings true with polished production and a sense for both lingering, emotive choruses and hard-hitting rap verses.

Shimmering with a touch of digital wizardry, ‘End Up Here’ is a refreshingly original take on several genres, taking sparks of inspiration from rap, pop, and chilled out electronica to forge something new. In keeping with her rebellious spirit, it’s a single that looks to impress and inspire in its own unique way, and while there might be some room for improvement with her delivery, you can’t help but be moved by the message.

Score: 7.5/10

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