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Review: POMAGRANITE – ‘Vol. II’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: POMAGRANITE – ‘Vol. II’

Touted as being New England’s hottest rising rap group, POMAGRANITE is a talented collective of three rap artists, one pop singer, and two dedicated producers. After finding success on the ‘Best New England Hip-Hop’ review, the band have gone on to earn over three million combined streams across their various platforms, spreading their music to every corner of the globe.

A seemingly unstoppable collaborative force, the group of Della Kinetic, Everett Gibbons, Joeyroxitt, Charlie MixwelH, and BRYLL have become known for their high volume, fast-paced, and rhythmically oriented music, combining creative force with true showmanship to make one hell of a performance. With the release of their EP, ‘The Treatment’ earlier this year, the band made some serious waves, and since then they’ve gone from strength to strength, carving their way through the New England music scene.

Their latest immersive release comes in the form of ‘Vol. II’, their brand new album that perfectly showcases their diverse and multi-faceted style. Bringing to the fore a dazzling mix of unconventional beats and old-school sci-fi melodies, the album opens with the slow evolving sounds of ‘Duffle’, a seamless blend of precise, on the mark rap verse and a cascading RnB sound that ties together the expansive vocal tracks. It’s a strong introduction that sets the standard for the following twelve tracks, and while not all live up to that same hype, they all do a damn fine job.

The more experimental flourishes abound in tracks such as ‘Fuh Bidden’ and ‘Smart Dollah’ where the Stranger Things vibes hit, while the short intermission of ‘Believe’ offers some instant resemblance to the opening track of The 1975’s more recent record. Elsewhere, ‘Home’ builds a more subtle, textured sound with the instrumentals pushing their way into the spotlight, while ‘Pom Life’ builds into a rampant, unrepentant track of impressive rap skills and nuanced backing beats.

It’s a dense and calculated cacophony of sounds, driven by an unyielding talent and skilful, creative use of production, fearlessly experimenting with an unusual mix of processing and vocal effects. Capturing the sound of the band in perfect form, ‘Vol. II’ comes together nicely and presents a brilliantly illustrative showing of the collectives combined talents.

Score: 7.5/10

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