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Review: Prince Solo – ‘I Want Her’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Prince Solo – ‘I Want Her’

An aspiring solo artist from Charleston, South Carolina, Prince Solo is a musician on the rise. After winning an independent artist contest in his hometown, Prince Solo decided it was time to pursue his music career more seriously, and when the opportunity came for him to move to Southern California, he jumped at the chance. After a few difficult and ‘ego killing’ experiences, Prince Solo decided that he needed to strip back his sound and look deep into his motivations.

It was this moment of reflection that led Prince Solo to realise that he was pursuing music for all the wrong reasons, letting a drive for fame and wealth mar the purity of his art. Recently returning to the music scene, Prince Solo has a new perspective, forging a new sound that showcases his work in its most honest and authentic form. In his own words, his sound has changed to encompass more truthful substance and emotions, tapping into a more emotive and personal side of his abilities.

With a lot to prove, Prince Solo’s comeback single arrives in the form of ‘I Want Her’, a cinematic new RnB track that signifies a new stage in his musical evolution. While the more emotive and personal side isn’t immediately obvious, the passion and proficiency certainly are, and Prince Solo’s crisp, almost spoken-word vocals cut through a wave of lavish beats and textured atmospherics to create a unique but accomplished sound. Pushing past the typical clichés in search for something more impressive, ‘I Want Her’ is a dynamic shifting single that definitely proves Prince Solo’s intentions.

An impressive return, ‘I Want Her’ surpasses any of Prince Solo’s previous work, pushing him to new heights and capturing the audience’s attention like never before. More than a return to form, it’s a push to a higher plane, making the single a bold success in our books.

Score: 7.5/10

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