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Review: Prodijvy – ‘Ascending Tier’ EP

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Prodijvy – ‘Ascending Tier’ EP

For regulars on our website, the work of Prodijvy will now be a very familiar thing. A nineteen-year-old producer from Washington, his previous work has featured prominently on our pages. First, there was the brilliant ‘Vengeance’ EP, a dark trap epic that first put Prodijvy on our radar, then he followed it up with ‘LAW 25’, a rolling epic that further refined his sound and shone a blinding light on the young producer’s abilities. Now, Prodijvy is back again, bringing with him his most expansive release to date, the eight-track ‘Ascending Tier’ EP.

Described as a personification of his dark trap sound and “a testament to how I've improved over the last year”, the new EP emerges as a meditative look at his past, present, and future as an artist. Opening with the rolling ambient tones of “I Didn't Want This // Turning Point”, the EP instantly brings back the cinematic qualities that made past releases, combining carefully cultivated atmospherics to produce a sense of apprehension that’s instantly involving. Second track “Restless // Learning” creeps into existence, fading in from a deafening silence to become slow-burning masterclass in trap energy, while the title track opens with an tactile interplay of sound bites to make its mark upon the listener.

Elsewhere on the EP, ‘48’ builds relentlessly in a perfect showing of trap power while tracks like ‘Warfare’ and ‘Vengeful Ambitions (V1)’ are content to build their own heavy atmospheres and sounds, fading in and out of the mix with seamless ease. It’s evident that the new EP isn’t an album of individual creations or singular statements, but it’s more about cohesive sounds and a single unified vision that permeates through each of the tracks, creating a real sense that the whole is far greater than EP is far greater than just the sum of its parts.

It’s a far more ambient and reflective sound that Prodijvy has produced on the EP, one that shows his progression as a artist with brilliant clarity. Like a fitting end to the trilogy of releases, ‘Ascending Tier’ brings closure and resolve, shying away from the unrelenting energy of his previous work and presenting a sound that is understated, but still deeply moving.

Score: 8/10

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