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Review: Prodijvy – ‘LAW 25’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Prodijvy – ‘LAW 25’

A nineteen-year-old music producer that has taken Washington state’s underground scene by storm, Prodijvy creates experimental music that brings together trap production with polished cinematic and dark, orchestral elements. An artist with a distinct mission to re-innovate the idea of ‘trap instrumentals’, his work has been instrumental in defining the genre, making it a creative force to be reckoned with.

Our first encounter with Prodijvy came in the form of ‘Vengeance’, an eight-track EP of dark atmospheric instrumentals that had quite literally brought the power of ‘dark trap’ to our attention. It was a release that set the standard for both the genre and Prodijvy’s future work, setting the stage for his latest release, ‘LAW 25’.

Opening onto a dark stretch of building tones that evolve into a deeply orchestral refrain, ‘LAW 25’ sets the tone almost immediately. It’s a rolling mix of 808 kicks, layered synths, and digital wails that collide, forming a maelstrom of deft beats and subtle power. Pivoting around the three-minute mark to form a second layer of shadowed beats, ‘LAW 25’ manages to avoid being caught in a consistent loop, transitioning into a new world of dark scales and impressive weight.

It's a tough spot, to hold the weight of an entire genre on your shoulders, but with tracks like ‘LAW 25’, Prodijvy has been able to consistently prove his talent and mettle. The next segment in a slow-building legacy, ‘LAW 25’ has perfectly carried forward the energy of ‘Vengeance’, further defining the genre and shining a spotlight on a powerful new talent.

Score: 8.5/10

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