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Review: Project Pronin – ‘In Your Eyes (Remix)’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Project Pronin – ‘In Your Eyes (Remix)’

An innovative musical endeavour, Project Pronin consists of the talented Yan Pronin and a long, almost infinite list of collaborators. With Yan at the helm are the primary instrumentalist, composer and producer, Project Pronin emerges from his very own home studio in West Hollywood, a musical lair where Yan can freely create, experiment, and innovate.

A re-invention of one his most accomplished releases to date, ‘In Your Eyes’ arrives as a lavish, keyboard-driven song that is delivered with a nostalgic sound and vibrant, modern production. Built on an unrelenting stream of paced percussion and subtle, nuanced movements, there is an underlying dark energy to ‘In Your Eyes’ that the new remix seems to enhance brilliantly, building that sense of tension in a masterstroke of control.

Rolling forward with a spark of New Order above it, the new mix clings to the intricate steps and rises of the original but emphasises the darker movements that help generate a unique, almost ominous feel. Filled with a tribal energy thanks to the unshakeable rhythmic sounds, ‘In Your Eyes’ slowly evolves into a more streamlined and spellbinding sound through the addition of linger synths and emotive, calling vocals.

A dark form of the same magic that bands like Autokratz practise, ‘In Your Eyes’ shimmers with a deft trance feel, pulling you in again and again before hitting you with a breath-taking volley of movements and sounds. It’s simple, but precise, detailing a true understanding of emotion, drama, and futuristic anthemics. Something of an alt. synth epic, the new remix showcases the depth and scale of Yan’s talents, adding another passage to the continuing story of Project Pronin.

You can stream the original mix of ‘In Your Eyes’ on Soundcloud, along with the brand-new remix via Project Pronin’s official Instagram above.

Score: 8.5/10

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