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Review: Prophete – ‘Dance It’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Prophete – ‘Dance It’

Originally from Haiti, Daniel Prophete moved to the United States after the tragic earthquake in 2010. An artist whose history has been marked by hardships, Daniel has used music as a coping mechanism for years, creating melodies and penning lyrics to overcome the most difficult of times. Now twenty-seven and studying at the Berklee College of music in Valencia, Spain, Daniel has been able to put the past behind him, stepping into the spotlight with his own personal anthem, ‘Dance It’.

A song that he composed and produced during one of the worst times in his life, ‘Dance It’ helped Daniel to find his purpose and see a light at the end of his torments, guiding him through the loss of his cousin and Aunt, and his father sadly being diagnosed with Dementia. In his own words, Daniel wasn’t ‘Dance It’ to be the new ‘Cha Cha Slide’, and for the world to be dancing to his own anthem at weddings, clubs and parties.

Mixing pop sensibilities with bursts of traditional Haitian charm, ‘Dance It’ has a distinct sound that instantly sets it apart from other club-infused anthems. Cascading with subtle hip-hop influences that double as a gentle Méringue beat, the single brings together sun-kissed tropical sounds with a more contoured pop style.

Showcasing the music and influences of his future and past, ‘Dance It’ has the charm and character to become a new viral hit, and coupled with the fact that it’s lyrics strive to stir a new dance craze, it could end up being an unstoppable sensation. While ‘Dance It’ might have come from a string of personal moments that are unique to Daniel, he’s gifted the single to the world in the hope that it can help his audience in the same way it has helped him, and with a but of luck, it’ll do just that.

‘Dance It’ is available now on both iTunes and Spotify.

Score: 7.5/10

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