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Review: Prynce P – ‘Reloaded’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Prynce P – ‘Reloaded’

After releasing one of the biggest hip-hop compilations of 2016, Prynce P set himself a task to write three more hit singles before retiring from the microphone. After seventeen years going in and out of the studio, the legendary Prynce P has earned over 3.4 million streams, cementing himself as a true icon of the industry.

His first of the retirement singles came in the form of ‘The Triple D Cypher’, a massive hip-hop cut that went on to be a featured his on every Dallas radio station, as well as landing prime placement in a college movie entitled, ‘Dig Deep’. It was a landmark release, surpassed only by the release of his second single, ‘My Apology’, a visceral and emotive dedication to Mother Earth. Built to raise awareness and celebrate Earth Day, ‘My Apology’ was a distinct and impressive single that rallied around an unmistakable, incandescent beat.

Today though, we’re celebrating the release of Prynce P’s third and final single, the massive collaborative efforts of ‘Reloaded’. Featuring a roster of hand-picked emcee’s, ‘Reloaded’ features Flexinfab, Flower Child, DQ Hampton, Eclipse Darkness, Motian, GSpook, IQ Muzic, and Tony Ballard Jr in an unstoppable wave of talent and creative energy.

Bringing to the fore a vintage sound that rises from a deft layering of emotive melodies, skilled vocal talents, hard-hitting beats, and timeless hip-hop swagger, ‘Reloaded’ glistens with an expansive RnB sound, picking elements from reggae, afrobeat, and even classic electronica to create a fast-paced, high tempo track that is relentless in its appeal. The guest vocals flow with a wonderful sense of skills and character, igniting a fire that grows with each verse until finally you’re hit with that rapid-fire vocal assault in the latter half of the track.

Produced to the highest possible quality, everything about ‘Reloaded’ is purposefully built to create cohesion out of chaos, showcasing a deliberate and impressive knowledge of music, composition, and hip-hop as a genre. Showcasing some of the finest contemporary hip-hop you’ll hear this year, ‘Reloaded’ is personal, impassioned, and poised to be a perfect farewell to a sensational talent.

Prynce P’s ‘Reloaded’ is available now on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Score: 9/10

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