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Review: Quon – ‘Favors’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Quon – ‘Favors’

Dequon Stovall, better known by his stage name of Quon, is an up-and-coming rap artist from the underground scene of Amarillo, Texas. A blossoming talent who has been pushing his career hard, Dequon has worked with artists such as E40, Pall Wall, Kid Kidd, and many more, building his upbeat style and constantly looking for the latest innovative beat.

His latest creative lead, ‘Favors’ cuts through the medley of typical Texan hip-hop with a pulsating and dynamic beat that quickly ranks among this year’s greatest. With a confident air and unwavering modern style, the single brings to light a new breed of hip-hop, one that isn’t afraid to break with tradition and challenge conventional sounds.

His fifth single so far, ‘Favors’ holds firm to Dequon’s uniquely creative style, pushing itself forward with calculated bursts of high and low energy, as well as an unconventional rap flow that sparks with creative brilliance.

Best described as a something of modified hip-hop anthem, ‘Favors’ is candid, well-curated, and undeniably complex, making it the perfect vehicle for Dequon to break into a fiercely oversaturated genre. You can stream the single above on all major platforms, as well as alongside its official music video above.

Score: 8/10

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