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Review: Radio Drive – ‘In The Light’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Radio Drive – ‘In The Light’

An alternative pop-rock band led by the talented Kevin Gullickson, Radio Drive has earned a steady stream of success, bringing the hybrid sound to the charts around the world, as well as on a number of high profile television shows. An accomplished and band, Radio Drive have already sealed their status in the musical work with a series of impressive albums and unforgettable singles.

The band’s sixth studio album to date, ‘In The Light’ was recorded in Kevin’s home studio in a suburb in Saint Paul, Minnesota. With initial recording sessions begin in the Fall of 2018, the album emerged in its final form in Spring of 2019, arriving as a heavier, more rock-orientated triumph. With Kevin playing all guitars, keyboards, bass guitar, vocals, and harmonies, ‘In the Light’ came into focus as a very personal release, showcasing Kevin’s unique talents and sound in a brilliantly authentic light.

Reflecting Kevin’s love of Led Zeppelin and Foo Fighters, ‘In The Light’ brings forth a harder rock-inspired sound, tying together a brash, more aggressive style with the heartfelt sounds of U2, Coldplay, and The Beatles that have previously coloured his work.

The unique melodies and strong songwriter style is still just as present, and every song plays with its own vibrant character, bringing a string of direct and evolving vocals harmonies to life in the opening track ‘First Time’ and expansive, joyous ‘Life’. Not afraid of experimenting, songs such as ‘I Have A Voice’ offer some deft digital flourishes, while ‘What Went Wrong’ tugs at the heartstrings with a definite melancholy sound, setting an emotion platform from which final cut ‘Under the Milky Way’ soars, becoming arguably the most accomplished track on the album.

Definitive and unyielding proof of his talents, ‘In The Light’ is a wonderfully transformative piece, one that sees Kevin breaking new ground while still keeping true to the sounds that first inspired him. Steeped in emotive moments and wonderful, rolling melodies, it’s an album of impressive magnitude that will keep fans of Radio Drive entertained for years to come.

Score: 7.5/10

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