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Review: Rafiq Shamir – ‘Liberation’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Rafiq Shamir – ‘Liberation’

At only sixteen years of age, South Carolina’s Rafiq Shamir (also known as Cozaveli) already has an impressive back-catalogue online. His SoundCloud page is something of an undiscovered treasure trove, currently boasting four unique tracks inspired by psychedelics and an urge to spread peace.

By his own admission, Shamir’s style is unique, bringing together rap, spoken word, and traditional vocals, along with a deft blending of vocals to create his own unyielding visions. The most recent of his releases is ‘Liberation’ a three-minute track that Shamir wrote and performed himself, alongside some subtle production from Slowet.

Opening with a clever faux-endorsement from global buffoon and current President of the United States, Donald Trump, ‘Liberation’ casts a melodic tone and sticks firm to it. There’s a distinct edge of the Mumble Rap and SoundCloud Generation about it, a fitting occurrence when the tags for ‘Liberation’ feature Lil Pump. It’s a fitting name as well, considering that the vocals within the track are often marred by the instrumentals, something of a surprise considering Shamir’s past work.

Subdued and defiantly melodic, ‘Liberation’ treads a fine line between entrancing and repetitious. It’s tone and composition allow for the beats to easily take focus, but as the track rolls on, there is a lack of variety in tempo or pitch that might really create an impact and leave a lasting impression. Instead, ‘Liberation’ flows blissfully and makes it’s mark while present, but even after several listens it tends to fade into obscurity.

Hear the track for yourself below.

Score: 7/10

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