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Review: Rain on Fridays – ‘Mono Monday’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Rain on Fridays – ‘Mono Monday’

Two gals from San Diego, California who are making their waves on the local scene, Rain on Friday’s is the intriguing creative duo of Madison Coe and Jesse Miller, two friends and bandmates that are definitely worth paying attention to.

The duo’s first album, ‘Mono Monday’ is billed as being filled with “happy sounding songs about sad things”, announcing itself and the band with a stream of thoughts, wonders, and all manner of “other poetic shit”. With a DIY vibe and an impressive aesthetic, ‘Mono Monday’ makes an impressive first impression, crashing into focus on the back of opening cut ‘Superglue Your Shoes’. Immediately rousing, the song is a brash rally of catchy guitar hooks, stunning vocals, and undeniable choruses, pushing a dirty alt. rock sound through your speakers with spirit and deceptive ease.

Following cuts ‘Deceased/Diseased’ and ‘Idiotic Defense’ fade into views on more driving percussive notes and gritty guitar chords, while Madison’s vocals cut through the medley sounds with charm and a rustic appeal. It’s glorious indie rock that’s been stripped back and freshly built in Madison and Jesse’s own image, pushing distorted sounds and dynamic, shifting melodies into the spotlight and letting the textured flaws sing as loudly as the polished moments in a fearlessly authentic style.

Further into the album, ‘She’s a Snake’ has one of the most enjoyable intros that we’ve heard in months, while ‘Dr. Seuss Is Crazy Cool’ pushes that dark brooding sound before launching into another enjoyable volley of guitar and soaring vocals. Penultimate track ‘Sharkman’ leans on a distinctive Pixies sound, dialling up the classic indie rock moments, while the closing number ‘Baby’s Guitar’ brings back memories of Giant Drag with its controlled instrumentals pulling at the emotive flourishes in the vocals.

As debut albums go, it’s hard to think of a more instantly impressive one this year, and even after just one listen, ‘Mono Monday’ had us reaching for the replay button. By keeping true to their own sound and not being afraid to push boundaries, Rain on Fridays have been able to produce a massively entertaining and wonderfully relatable album of brash melodies and glistening indie rock, stitching the best parts of the last decade together to make a release that we won't be putting down anytime soon.

You can stream ‘Mono Monday’ on Spotify above, or from the band’s official Bandcamp page here.

Score: 9/10

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