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Review: RAKZ4K – ‘Blu Ray’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: RAKZ4K – ‘Blu Ray’

A new breed of rapper from Tampa, Florida, RAKZ4K has become one of the most versatile and distinct talents of the last few years. Layering fluid beats with her own outlandish attitude, she has created a sound that is now impossible to ignore. Firing on all cylinders with a collaborative new single, RAKZ4K has recently joined forces with Supply, a promising producer who has added their own distinctive flair to the dizzying trap single, ‘Blu Ray’.

An unrelenting joy, ‘Blu Ray’ is a deep and re-affirming single that shines with an unstoppable energy. Reclaiming her independence and channelling an unapologetic air, it hits like a whirlwind of trap beats and dizzying bars. Racing through a series of distinct and wonderfully different narratives, RAKZ4K defies expectations and linear style, creating a diverse sonic single that flies in the face of convention.

Wonderfully experimental and delivered with confidence, there is a triumphant sound to ‘Blu Ray’ that makes it a joy to hear. Revelling in a textured, unconventional sound, ‘Blu Ray’ is built on a classic hip-hop sound that quickly evolves into a hybrid of erratic rhymes and vibrant sounds.

An essential new record, there is a visceral, inspired sound to ‘Blu Ray’ that will make it a firm favourite for years to come. Highly original, defiantly fresh, and unmistakably hers, RAKZ4K shines on the single, creating a stellar introductory piece that is sure to put her on the musical map.

Available now through Apple Music, ‘Blu Ray’ solidifies RAKZ4K’s position at the forefront of the hip-hop scene in terms of both creativity and innovation, proving her talents beyond any shadow of a doubt.

Score: 7.5/10

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