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Review: Ramalla – ‘The Voice of The Stillness’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Ramalla – ‘The Voice of The Stillness’

In our restless, modern world, it’s rare to find a release that actively celebrates tranquillity and mindfulness. Soft, poetic, and infused with a subtle, but noticeable strength, Ramalla’s ‘The Voice of The Stillness’ has become something of an internet sensation, cutting through the relentless noise of our everyday lives promoting a sense of new-age peacefulness.

Built to soothes and uplift the soul, the latest offering from Ramalla (better known as singer Catherine Corona) brings us something welcome, needed and ultimately healing in these troubled times. Collecting twelve enchanting and disarming tracks, ‘The Voice of The Stillness’ breathes with an inherent and wonderfully organic beauty, bringing a sense of calm through a minimalist wash of sweet, humble vocals and delicate, atmospheric sounds.

Adrift in space, the album weaves its magic with an easy, ethereal charm, ambling through the world with passion, heart, and deeply human moments. A stunning collection, but equally strong as stand-alone singles, Ramalla largely lets her faith guide her, bringing tracks like ‘Allah Akbar’, ‘Om Shanti Om’, and ‘It’s In Your Glory’ to fore by blending soft strings with a sense of something more.

It’s a gentle, but wonderfully impactful release that doesn’t overstep its bounds or demand anything of its listeners. Instead, it simply shuffles along, content in its own humble splendour and only wanting to bring peace.

‘The Voice of The Stillness” is available now on Spotify and all other major platforms and be sure to stay updated on Ramalla’s work by following her on her social media pages below.

Score: 8/10

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