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Review: Ranos – ‘Linger In My Bed’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Ranos – ‘Linger In My Bed’

A twenty-five year old musician from the busy streets of Tel Aviv, Ranos has developed a true talent for writing and composing music that is original, heartfelt and genuine. One of Israel’s most promising independent talents, Ranos’ music finds its origins in his own life experiences, building melodies from emotional truths and defining moments to create songs that really tell a tale.

His latest single, ‘Linger In My Bed’ is a track built from one of those moments. A song about love and travel, ‘Linger In My Bed’ tells Ranos’ story through a deft combination of indie rock, funk, pop, and soul, taking lead from each genre and bending them into his own cultivated vision.

A track that quickly builds into a vibrant indie-pop melody, ‘Linger In My Bed’ follows it’s own unique composition, pivoting between highs and lows, marching forwards with a fast, controlled tempo, and constantly pushing for an emotional connection. Ranos’ vocals come on strong, lending a rustic, unpolished edge to the track, while his lyrics lead you through the song’s winding instrumentals and out into a serene musical afterglow.

Ultimately, ‘Linger In My Bed’ is a contemporary cut that is filled with rich emotion and a captivating sound. It’s a track filled with good vibes, bright sounds, and light, enjoyable textures that you are simply compelled to enjoy. It’s not perfect, but it’s a glistening snapshot of a journey well taken and a life well lived.

You can find ‘Linger In My Bed’ on Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon now, and be sure to look out for the official video that will be released next week on Youtube. Filmed in Norway with the beautiful Martine Sorthe, the video promises to add an even greater texture to the single.

Score: 7/10

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