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Review: RIIV – ‘All Night’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: RIIV – ‘All Night’

Joseph Riverson, better known by his creative moniker RIIV, is a pop vocalist and unique artist who has defied all odds to make it in music. Despite a series of early hardships in his life, Joseph was able to rise above and become the talented artist that he is today, spreading love and positive vibes through his music. An enduring talent, his work has grown to reach over 300,000 views on YouTube, all that to his landmark single ‘Beautiful’.

Building on the success of his standout debut single, RIIV has recently revealed his first full-length release, the RnB infused and pop-inspired ‘All Night’. An impressive collection of tracks, ‘All Night’ opens with ‘Love & War’, a track built to impress from the very first bars. With a swirling, electro-pop melody, the track leans heavily on RIIV’s stellar vocals, soaring above the instrumentals in a faultless stream of overlapping refrains. It’s powerful stuff, and thankfully not the last highlight on the release.

Following cuts ‘Lost Without You’ and ‘Lost In This World’ perfectly showcases RIIV’s emotive, textured sound, flowing with a distinct, PRIDES-esque sound and RnB flow that is simply insurmountable. It’s evocative, carefully cultivated, and brilliantly paced, running the fine line between simple anthemics and raw, emotional honesty. Elsewhere on the release, ‘Heaven’ offers slow-building energy that evolves into unashamed club antics, while ‘I Don’t Wanna Know’ shines with transient flourishes of string sound, bringing a touch of orchestral magic to RIIV’s sound.

As debuts go, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more polished and complete release than ‘All Night’. The sound is defined, thoughtful, and well-produced, creating a strong impression that only builds as the tracks roll on. Clearly a talent to watch, RIIV has announced himself in style with ‘All Night’, creating a lavish sound that is impossible to deny.

Score: 8.5/10

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